Anyone who owns a pet can attest to the emotional attachment developed in just a short period of time. For a Rome family, the bond is even stronger as their dog, Leia serves in the role of a therapy dog for their daughter. Leia mysteriously disappeared and the family is offering a sizable reward for her return.

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Leia is an emotional support therapy dog and went missing from their fenced in area on W. Linden Street on March 5. She's a blonde colored Chihuahua-Mix about 10-15 lbs. with a little blue mark on her belly from when she was spayed and chipped. The family describes Leia as timid but friendly.

When she disappeared she had been let out to go the bathroom with another family pet, but only Leia disappeared. The family is offering a $1200 cash reward with no questions asked and they promise to not press charges. The same offer applies to anyone who can offer leads on the disappearance.

You can get in contact with the family at (315)338-3560 or email

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