The fire truck that has been a part of Papa Rick's Snack Shack in Rome for the past 3 years may soon be a thing of the past. It's violating city codes and has to be removed but the community is coming together to help save the truck.

Rick Tharrett, who was a firefighter in Rome for 30 years, bought the fire truck 3 years ago and parked it front of his ice cream shop, Papa Rick's Snack Shack on North Madison Street in Rome. It doesn't run. It hasn't moved. But it's become a part of Papa Rick's and customers aren't happy it has to go. "That's monumental to the shop, the family and now the public," says Becca Henriksen who compares it to the iconic bull in Vernon.

The fire truck was only meant to be a lawn ornament at Papa Rick's and a reminder of Rick's days in the fire department. But it's so much more for the community. "It's not Papa Rick's without it," says Kiara Mackenzie.

Kelly Lubeck started an effort to #Savethefiretruck on Facebook and it's quickly gaining support. There's even a petition to keep the truck. You can add your signature to the petition at

Photo Credit: Papa Rick's Snack Shack
Photo Credit: Papa Rick's Snack Shack

To avoid violating city codes, the truck needs to be registered, insured and parked on pavement.

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