It's pheasant season and Polly goes on a hunt at Vernon National Shooting Preserve....sort of.

I'm more of a bird lover but wanted to see what a pheasant hunt was all about. So I went out with owner Darcy Nolan and Lucy the dog, who hunted up the pheasants on 500 acres at Vernon National Shooting Preserve. "If we put out 8 birds, we guarantee you're going to see at least those 8 birds. We just can't guarantee you're going to shoot any. That's up to the hunter."

Lucy found us a pheasant but I think I scared it more than the dog. I screamed and jumped when it flew out of the bushes. I guess I wouldn't make much of a hunter.

If you're a better hunter you can book your hunt any day of the week for yourself or a group. Guides are available too and if you don't have a hunting dog, Vernon National can help with that as well. They even provide lunch/dinner options.

Call 315-272-6211 or 315-796-4587 to book your hunt or get more information at

I'll stick to the 16 station fully automated clay course and you can join Tad & I for a day of shooting on the course October 28th at 11am.


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