I've always thought shooting stuff would be a good way to release all that built up negative energy. And I was right! Go inside the Vernon National Shooting Preserve, where I shoot for the first time.

The 500 acre range in Vernon Center features a fully automated 16 station clay course. I gave the first 2 stations a try after learning how to load and shoot a shotgun. After missing the first two while I got the hang of things, I hit 3 in a row. I think I'll be back.

The Preserve is family owned and operated and is open to members and the public. Don't own a gun? Don't worry. You can rent one there along with your ammo.

You can also try the skeet range, covered pistol range and rifle range There's also a spacious clubhouse and banquet area for group outings and special events including 'Shooting with Polly,' coming soon. Just don't forget to pet Lucy when you stop by.

Learn more at VernonNational.com or on Facebook.



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