UPDATE: The horses have been safely captured. They are being checked by a vet before going to a stable. "We found a place to board them and if all goes well, they'll be in their new home tonight," says owner Kristi Francis.

The horses that have been roaming around Sherrill are still on the loose after a failed attempt to corral them and the owner is looking for any help she can get.

Several volunteers tried to guide the horses that have been on the loose since last Wednesday into a portable coral Monday ngiht. "We almost had them twice," says owner Kristi Francis. "There were just too many people creating too much chaos."

The plan is to try again today, but Francis says with less people. "We'll go out in smaller groups so it's more calm and we're less likely to spook the horses again."

If the horses are finally rescued, Francis says she now needs a permanent home for them. "The place we had to house them isn't available. So we're hoping someone will step up to provide stables for them. We'll take all the help we can get. We're kind of stuck."

The horses have been on the loose in Sherrill since March 28th when Francis was transporting them from Richfield Springs to Oneida. "One of the horses got spooked as we were taking her off the trailer. She broke her lead, took off and the pony followed."

If you can help rescue the horses or have a staple to house them text Francis st 315-813-8539. Maybe we should call those cowboys that helped catch that cow that was on the loose in New Hartford for months. Surely they'd be able to rescue a few spooked horses.

Kristi Francis
Kristi Francis


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