Seeing all different kinds of animal in central New York is nothing out of the ordinary. Seeing them roaming free is another story. We've had everything from cows, goats, bears, moose, buffalo and even a lllama on the loose. This time it's 2 frightened horses.

Kristi Francis of Oneida rescued horses from Richfield Springs but when she was taking them off the trailer, the draft mare was spooked and broke her lead. "She took off and the hackney pony followed," says Francis.

The horses have been roaming around a field in Sherrill since March 28th. People have been helping Francis try and bring them home but they can't even get close. "Right now luckily they are staying in a secluded vicinity in Sherrill and we put a portable coral out. Now all we need is all the volunteers we can get to help lead them in slowly."

Kristi Francis
Kristi Francis

If you can help bring the horses home text Francis st 315-813-8539. Maybe we should call those cowboys that helped catch that cow that was on the loose in New Hartford for months.


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