Can you believe they are coming out with a Ouija Board movie? I know the movie industry has been desperate lately, but this is really desperate. At the same time, I am surprised it hasn't been made already. The Ouija Board is a very interesting concept and people have mixed reactions when the classic board game is brought up.

'Ouija' (2014) - Trailer

I guess it looks like it's going to be a pretty good movie, but it definitely exaggerates the true purpose of the Ouija Board. The paranormal focused game first got it's retail start back in 1890 by a businessman named Elijah Bond. If you're not familiar with the purpose of a Ouija Board, it's basically a way to communicate with spirits during a seance.

I believe that this movie may make a decent amount of money, but it probably won't be good. With the exception of the 1980's comedy 'Clue' based on the popular board game, game theme movies don't usually do well. I mean look at 'Battleship,' that movie sunk!

Having said all that, Halloween is coming up and it's always fun to have a few scares. If you want to try the Ouija Board out, go right ahead. I'll pass.