Can you imagine being at your school and learning it could be filled with ghosts? That's what students each and every fall find out at SUNY Cortland. There are many reports of paranormal activity. 

Currently there is 3 different ghost stories floating around on campus: 1 of a football player, a former cook, and of a ghost named Elizabeth.

If you happen to be staying in the Clark dormitory, you may be sharing a room with the ghost of a football player. This spirit has been seen countless times. What does he look like you ask? He's still seen in his uniform, and has a cut above his eyebrow that perpetually bleeds. Ladies, when he offers you to wear his jersey.....just pass.

Looking for some special recipes to cook in your dorms? Don't ask this ghost. The ghost of a former cook is said to haunt the corridors of Brockway Hall.

The story tells of students making coffee early one morning in the old Brockway dining hall when the ghost appeared at the top of the staircase. Without saying a word the ghost walked away and disappeared."

Finally our last ghost is named Elizabeth . Elizabeth can be found in the halls of the Cheney building. How did she end up here?

It is said that in a rage, her boyfriend pushed her from the 4th floor staircase. Ever since, students living on the 4th floor have reported seeing a “misty image” with her arms stretched out."

Have you ever seen a ghost at your school? Talk about your story in the comments below.


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