The Oncenter of Syracuse has had to keep it's doors closed due to the Coronavirus. However, July 17th - July 29th they are offering an out of this world experience. Get ready for “Remote Control: A Mindreading Experiment” hosted by mentalist Max Major through Zoom.

NOW, we’re bringing the best of LIVE entertainment to you AT HOME! Remote Control is the incredible, interactive, unbelievable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Prepare to be amazed and entertained with a LIVE interactive mind-reading experience streaming directly to YOU at home! Remote Control puts the power to unleash real-life Jedi-mind tricks directly in your hands!

You can buy your tickets today for this event happening July 17th through July 29th. This show is limited to just 49 households. The show is very family-friendly, and fun for all ages to enjoy.

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About The Show and How It Works

Max Major will read your mind through the screen. This screen can be a tablet, phone, computer, or TV. Major uses Zoom to remotely control your actions and predicts your thoughts during the show LIVE through the powers of hypnosis and mentalism.

An expert in in body language, influence, and reading people, Max Major has been called before two Department of Defense Intelligence Agencies to demonstrate his innovative techniques, earning him the reputation as “the human lie detector” along the way."

The show begins when you receive a secret package in the mail. It must remained sealed until the show begins.

You can learn more online about the show and how exactly it works.


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