This year while attending the Great New York State Fair, be sure to enjoy The Tipsy Cow.

It's being called the 2018 New York State Fair Cocktail, the Tipsy Cow. According to, the drink is all about New York, and amazing.

The ingredients include: 1911 Cold Brew Coffee Vodka,locally sourced Byrne Dairy Chocolate Milk and Whipped Cream, and roasted coffee from Recess Coffee of Syracuse (which also supplied the cold brew coffee used in the vodka).

All those ingredients are mixed in a slushie machine. The drink is then topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and two small cider apple donuts as a garnish. In addition to sugar, it also has the caffeine strength of an average cup of coffee and the alcoholic strength on a typical India Pale Ale (about 7 percent). "

You'll find this concoction at the 1911 stand, next to the International Building and near the Horticulture Building.


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