Their job is to protect and serve, and one New York State Trooper went above and beyond to save a woman trapped in a burning home.

Trooper Joseph Butler Jr. responded to the blaze at a home on State Route 16 in Machias, New York. Inside there was a wheel chair bound woman trapped in the flames. The Trooper forced his way into the home, but thick smoke prevented him from making visual contact with the woman. Not panicking in a very dangerous situation, he was able to find her by listening to her calls for help.

Once outside, the home became engulfed in flames. Trooper Butler was able to push her to safety where she could seek medical attention. The New York State police shared the story on Facebook saying, "Trooper Butler's selfless act to enter the home no doubt saved the woman's life,"

Trooper Saves Teen Lost in Woods

A teen was reported missing in Sullivan County on Valentine's Day. Trooper Nicholas D'Angelo went to work, searching a heavily wooded area of White Lake in the town of Bethel.

Trooper D'Angelo, along with a search team, spent several hours in two feet of snow, following footprints. "I knew it was getting dark and I could tell we were getting close because her strides started getting smaller in the snow like she was getting tired," D'Angelo told our sister station Hudson Valley Country.

The girl was found in the freezing cold, sitting on a snow-covered rock a few miles in the forest. She was cold and wet, but alive. Members of the search team told Yeshiva World News she never would have survived the night if not for this brave State Police hero.

The missing girl told the trooper she needed to get away for a little while. "She was in better shape then me after the search," said D'Angelo, who's persistence likely saved the girl's life.

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