The opening day of the 2018 New York State Fair breaks attendance records once again with 73,000 visitors. And the new Exposition Center is being credited with helping increase the numbers. Here's Day One pics showing all the excitement.

Governor Cuomo performed the ceremonial ribbon cutting to open the biggest indoor events facility north of the City. And while the Expo Center will host events year round, it is being utilized to showcase New York's many outdoor activities during the fair. You can experience all 4 seasons with several selfie stations to highlight you landing the big one, riding a luge at Lake Placid and there would be no better place to feature the annual Sand Sculpture.

The center opened with a Junior's Hockey Game between players from the Sabres and Islanders. The ice rink will also be used to showcase New York's hosting the '32 and '80 Winter Olympics. In addition to fun and games, "I Love NY" will be sampling beer, wine, spirits, and products from around the state at the Center. The DEC will also host several activities inside the facility, including an aquarium filled with fish from the state's freshwater lakes and rivers.


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