New York boots Charter for not providing better internet services. In a move that will undoubtedly end up in court, the state's Public Service Commission voted to rescind their approval of Charter Communications (doing business as Spectrum) being the provider of broadband internet, telephone, and cable TV services in New York.

In approving the merger of Time Warner Cable with Charter a couple of years ago, there was a stipulation regarding the expansion of high-speed internet services in Upstate New York and underserved areas. Therein lies the dispute between the state and the company.

New York has twice fined Charter millions of dollars for not meeting those expectations. Even once filing a false advertising claim because Charter was running ads stating they were meeting the expectations. While the company says they hit their number of expanded homes, the commission says more than 18-thousand of the homes were in New York City.

On Friday the commission gave Charter 60 days to file a plan to transition their services other to another company or companies. Charter is calling it all a political move as Governor Cuomo is up for reelection.

Do you think the state is right? Or is it Charter just being the victim of a political stunt? Read more on the story and possible outcomes at Syracuse.Com



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