Lagunitas has come a long way from the kitchen stove they started brewing beer on in 1993. They have breweries in Chicago, Seattle and California but you can buy their beer in central New York and we got to try some during the 'Breakfast Toast.'

Brown Shugga

Brown Shugga ale is the result of a failed batch of beer in 1997.  During the brewing process of an old Lagunitas favorite, GnarlyWine, the batch was almost lost. Karen Hamilton says the founder gave the brewers an idea. "He told them to go to every store in town and buy as much brown sugar as you can and dump it in there to see if we can save this. We couldn't afford to lose a batch of beer. We were barely making it."

From the mistake, Brown Shugga was born, but be careful. "Crazy things happen when you drink Brown Shugga," says Hamilton. It could have to do with the 10% alcohol in each bottle.

Brown Shugga is available for a limited time.


Born Yesterday Pale Ale

The latest line at Lagunitas is a reborn from DogTown Plage Ale called Born Yesterday that Karen says is a fresh shop beer that needs to be drank immediately. "We selected the hops that were shipped overnight to our 2 breweries. We bottling at 2am and the beer was going immediately out."


Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale

Lagunita beers have unique names but nothing beats the Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale that came out of a brainstorming meeting after a day of drinking. "That was back when we started the day drinking in meetings," says Hamilton. "Tony, the founder came into one of the meetings to tell us a new beer was ready but it needed a name. We threw out some names and someone said 'I could use a little sumpin, sumpin.' When we suggested it, the only question was how to spell it."


Where do we send our resumes? "We're always hiring," says Hamilton. You can find possible job openings, beers and where you can buy Lagunitas products in central New York at