Steep aside pumpkin spice, there's a new Fall flavor in town. A tea infused beer is among three new craft brews coming from the Bronx Brewery.

Steep Aside joins 'Boom Boom' and 'Now Youse Can't Leave' as the newest craft beers coming out of the Bronx Brewery. Steep Aside, is a tea infused beer that's described as a 'true breakfast beer.' The pale ale is brewed with a blend of 3 different teas, 'giving it a lightly balanced, earthy herbal taste that’s just right on the palate.'

Boom Boom India Pale Ale is one of the more explosive IPA’s the brewery has ever brewed. It’s got a heavy hop aroma with a slightly tart, gentle bitter taste. 'The big hop aroma and 8.1% ABV makes this brew go Boom Boom.'

Need a bigger kick? Try 'Now Youse Can't Leave,' a double IPA that 'delivers massive fruit hop flavor & aromas balanced by a solid malt character.' It's 10.1% alcohol and not an all day beer. "You either start or end your day with this beer."

Get all three Fall flavors at almost any place beer is sold. And be sure and check out the Bronx Brewery flagship beers, American pale ale and No Resoluations IPA. And if you're ever in da Bronx, stop into the brewery taproom where they pour year round and serve whatever Seasonals, Up and Comers and B-Tracks are in play.

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Don't forget to enjoy the Bronx Brewery's hidden gem - the Backyad. Chill under the City sky and listen to DJs while eating from food trucks in the Summer. "When the weather warms up, the party’s out back."

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