Looking for a lo-cal, gluten free wine spritzer that tastes good? Look no further. The answer has finally arrived in central New York and it's Mighty Swell.

Mighty Swell is a wine spritzer with wine, all natural fruit juice and sparkling water. The new company began just a few years ago in Austin, Texas and is now available in New York. "We started serving New York about 3 weeks ago," says Dave Mevoli, Mighty Swell sales director.

How does Mighty Swell differ from every other spritzers on the market? "The difference is, we flavor our product with all natural fruit juice." And there's four flavors to chose from - Watermelon Mint, Mango, Peach and Grapefruit. "The four flavors we have really allow people to experience the true taste of fruit."

Don't believe us? Just read the ingredients label on the box. You can say and understand every thing you see. "Transparency on labeling is one of the main things we concentrate on when we're doing our packaging. We're not required by law to put all the ingredients on packaging but we're proud of this product and what goes into making it."

Mighty Swell is the answer for anyone concerned about what they are putting in their bodies, a trend that is growing across the nation. "Consumers are looking for a low calorie beverage that's healthier. We wanted to created a product that would offer a low cal, low sugar experience, and that tastes great."

Tastes great it does and you can buy it in a variety pack so you can taste all the flavors. Trust me. It's MIGHTY SWELL!

Try your own with a $50 gift card and Dave is throwing in sunglasses too so you can enjoy Mighty Swell in the sun. Enter below if you're 21 or older.

Learn more at MightySwell.com.

Mighty Swell
Mighty Swell

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