Stoneyard Brewing Company is bringing something new to taps and stores near you in central New York. The IPA beer lovers have been enjoying at the Brockport pub for more than a decade.

The first truck loaded with Stoneyard Brewing Company beer left the new barrel production facility in October. Ellsworth and Everyman IPA is making its way into the hands of every man...and woman in local bars and beer stores.

Everyman is a hoppy American IPA with the addition of orange and flaked oats while Ellsworth has aromas of tropical and citrus fruits, passion fruit, peach, and pine for a soft, lightly bitter finish.

Photo Credit: Stoneyard Brewing Company

Look for Everyman and Ellsworth on store shelves or head to Stoneyard Brewing Company to enjoy a variety of beers on tap and quality food, including breakfast. Learn more

Photo Credit - Stoneyard Brewing Company