If you can't travel to Europe to taste the best beers in the world, Merchant du Vin brings them to you.

Americans couldn't buy the world's classic beers unless they traveled overseas. Most people hadn't even heard of Hefe-Weizen, Trappist Ales or Lambics.  In 1978 Merchant du Vin changed that, importing beers to America from nations with deep, rich brewing traditions.

Today Merchant du Vin is the leading importer of specialty beers in America from 11 breweries in England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, with 3000 years brewing excellence, dating back to 1040. From the Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout, that is deliciously smooth on it's own and pairs well with the Lindeman's Frambois for a sweet chocolate covered raspberry treat, to the Organic Perry Pear Cider that has a long tradition in the UK.

Joe Lipa is the man behind Merchant du Vin and sold the first case of Samuel Smith in 1978. Joe has won many awards and in 2004 was knighted by the Knighthood of Belgium Brewers for his contributions to the development of Belgium beer market in America.

See all the beers Merchant du Vin has to offer and where to get them in central New York at at Merchantduvin.com or on Facebook. All the imports are delicious but you MUST try the Chocolate Stout and Raspberry Ale. It's even better when you mix the 2 together. DELICIOUS! You'll thank me later. And you'll never drink beer the same again. Don't believe me? Check out how all the imports stack up at Ratebeer.com.

These delicious imports also work well when cooking. My chocolate chili recipes is begging for the Chocolate Stout and it just so happens I have a chili cook off coming up. You can get more recipes at Merchantduvin.com.

Photo Credit: Merchant du Vin
Photo Credit: Merchant du Vin


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