On Memorial Day, we talked about the viral photo of a Fort Drum truck parked at Hancock Airport since at least 2011. The photo showed a dusty old truck and gave us the impression it's driver never returned home from war. Turns out, the driver is alive and well and could be facing one of Central New York's largest parking ticket. 

According to CNY Central, Hancock Airport Executive Director Christina Callahan repports security was aware of the truck, but assumed the owner was deployed. Due to all the social media activity on Memorial Day, airport security ran the plate and traced the owner to Ft. Drum.

'the vehicle does belong to a former member of the military. He is no longer in the military. He is no longer stationed at Ft. Drum."

The airport is now trying to track down the owner. The airport believe he is currently working in Micronesia.

Callahan has sent an email to the employer, and is also asking if there are relatives in the area. The truck has been moved out of the garage to the long-term parking lot, to cut down on some of the mounting parking fees."

Granted, Hancock tries to ease the financial burden for military returning from deployment, however that policy would not apply in this case.

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