Do you love steak? What's your favorite kind? Do you like to eat a lot of it? How about nine pounds of it? One mother of four devoured that much steak in just under 15 minutes!

Watch how fast this Nebraska woman destroys her food:

You can see towards the end she starts to slow down, but she killed it! The challenge was for only half of what she ate!
Our sister station in Amarillo, TX actually interviewed the woman:

That steak wasn't the only thing she consumed. According to a Huffington Post article,

Her feast also included a baked potato, shrimp, salad and a bread roll, according to the Amarillo Globe News.

The restaurant in which she completed this feat posted this photo on their Facebook page:

I truly am speechless! I love steak, but that's a bit much. Before the meal she weighed 125 pounds. She had to at least weigh 134 afterward! Good for her.

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