A ton of interesting things happened in Central New York in 2016, but some of the craziest stories involved animals. From bears to moose to geese and sheep, and even an animal that we can't identify, these are the 'wildest' animal stories of the year.

Bear Tears Apart Car At Camping Resort In the Adirondacks

What would you do if you woke up to this on your camping trip?

Bears can not only be resourceful but destructive. Frank and Lexi Smith of Lee Center, New York found out the hard way when a bear broke into their car and tore it apart in the Adirondacks.

Another Case of Bears In Adirondack Campsites

Moving on from a bear tearing up a car while locked inside to Christina Oneil's video of a bear that roamed into her camp at Old Forge Camping Resort.

Moose On The Loose In Gloversville

In Gloversville, New York Kayla Amber Marsh captured pictures of the animal running along Oakland Avenue and posted them on Facebook. The post has been shared more than 3000 times.

Mysterious Animal In Rome, NY Causes Chupacabra Speculation

While scanning Facebook, we came across someone eagerly trying to find information out about this animal found in a backyard. Do you know what this is?

Paula posted the photo explaining that this little animal was found in her mothers backyard in Rome New York. She explained it resembles a kangaroo rat, it hops and jumps like a kangaroo. What in the world do you think it is?

Snow Geese Arrive In Central New York During Winter

Central New York had seen a relatively mild winter. Thousands of snow geese seemed to think an early spring was on the way when they migrated back to the area in a flock like you’ve never seen.

Watch Out For Bears In The Adirondacks Even In The Daytime

Geese Hold Up Traffic In Johnstown

A gaggle of Geese caused a traffic jam in Johnstown, New York when they waggled across Route 30. Diane Marshall, who was among the stopped cars, filmed the crossing. “They were the cutest little things,” she says.

Sheep On The 'Lam' In Camillus Cause Chaos

6 Jacob sheep and 4 domestic sheep got loose after heavy rains damaged their pen and a coyote got in, killing one. 2 were quickly captured but 8 had to be tracked down.





Tammy Wojtalewski-Lucio
Tammy Wojtalewski-Lucio

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