Central New York has seen a relatively mild winter. Could an early Spring be on the way? Thousands of snow geese seem to think so. They've migrated back to the area in a flock like you've never seen.

Amateur photographer Stacy Brown captured the large flock of geese in a flooded corn field off Rotue 31 in the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. "It was amazing. We sat there 3 hours as one flock at a time came in. Then you can just hear something change in their voices and poof they are in the sky. Incredible experience."

How many geese is that? Browns says she met a man from Albany who said "about 67,000 geese in Pennsylvania went missing over night. He felt these were them." The geese are now gone. "My friend went back this morning, February 8th and they just left."

Thanks to Stacy for sharing pictures and video from her amazing experience and showing us all a sure sign Spring is around the corner.

 Snow Geese Flock to CNY

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