Bears can not only be resourceful but destructive. Frank and Lexi Smith of Lee Center, New York found out the hard way when a bear broke into their car and tore it apart in the Adirondacks.

Smith says the bear went through the Old Forge Camping Ground, opening several cars before getting to their vehicle. "It started hopping on the hood, triggering the car

All heck broke loose because the bear was locked inside while it's babies were outside

alarm and angering the bear. When the alarm goes off, the car locks and unlocks and the bear got inside. We were parked on an incline and the door shut behind the bear, locking him inside."

When the bear couldn't get out Smith says that's when "all heck broke loose because the bear was locked inside while it's babies were outside."

Camp ground security and a Town of Webb police officer were on scene to help get the bear out of the car and secure the situation. The officer advises people to keep trash bins clean and food locked up and out of sight to avoid future bear encounters in the Adirondacks. "They are there but we can't bother them."

The Smith's also aren't alone. Sara Ellen Stamboly Warner had a bear break into her car on July 27th in the Adirondacks and shared these pictures of the destruction.

Sara Ellen Stamboly Warner
Sara Ellen Stamboly Warner

Bear Destroys Car in Adirondacks Photo Gallery

The DEC says "New York’s black bear population is expanding, causing more bear-human interactions."

Here’s some common sense and some not-so common tips to keep the bears away.

Never feed bears and keep all food locked up. Garbage should be properly stored and bird feeders brought down. Don't forget to clean the grill after using and take coolers indoors. Any food scent will bring out the bears so don't put anything in your tent.

Joseph Rizzo Jr was camping next to the Smith family and posted the aftermath on his Facebook page.

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