This summer we have posted several articles, and videos to our website that show black bears in the Adirondacks are in no way shy. Whether it be day, or night these large animals never hesitate to make their presence known. After all, it is THEIR home. This most recent video, taken by Utica native Mello Testa, demonstrates that no matter how populated an area may be it will not deter a black bear mama, or her babies from taking a stroll.

This particular video was shot in the channel between 3rd and 4th Lakes in the area of Old Forge, NY. On this channel sits many private camps and boating activity. You would think that in broad daylight with so many people around, that this mother and her cubs would stay away. Clearly this is not the case. After watching this video you will realize what experts and officials up north have been stressing for months. There is a huge number of bears, and all necessary precautions should be taken. These are wild animals that will stop at nothing to protect their young. Always use extreme caution, and never feed any wildlife.

BONUS VIDEO: Black Bear Takes Late Night Stroll In The Adirondacks

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