If you're like me, when you get a bill in the mail, you probably throw away any of the other mailer items that they enclose. But, in this case, I took a closer look at "We Connect" newsletter in my recent National Grid bill, and found some good money saving energy ideas.

Joern Haufe, Getty Images News

According to the "We Connect" newsletter from National Grid, here are some ways to save energy and dollars during the colder months ahead:

"Have An Energy Efficient Home This Winter

Your home can be more energy efficient this winter if

you complete these steps now:

1. Remove window air conditioners or cover them to

reduce drafts.

2. Clear chimneys and flue vents and have your

fireplace checked.

3. Make sure your gas appliances and space heaters

are in proper working order.

4. Seal any holes or cracks that let cold air inside.

5. Caulk around windows and replace any broken panes

on storm doors and windows.

6. Have your heating system serviced once every two

years, and never try to repair it yourself."