energy costs

Lower Gas Home Heating Costs
How about a little good news! I just read the "We Connect" newsletter in my latest National Grid bill, and it mentioned that home heating gas prices may be lower this winter season. Here are the details.
Money Saving Energy Ideas
If you're like me, when you get a bill in the mail, you probably throw away any of the other mailer items that they enclose. But, in this case, I took a closer look at "We Connect" newsletter in my recent National Grid bill, and found some good money saving energy ideas.
Want To Save Money During The Summer?
We all want to save money, and we've found a way to help you do just that. During The "Frog Days Of Summer", you may be planning trips to the beach,family picnics and vacations, so any way you can save on home energy costs will help you have more cash for summer fun!
Gas Prices Highest In The State
Why is it that when we hear about national average gas prices in the media, it seems like we're paying more here in Central New York? Because we are! According to reports, gas prices in the Utica-Rome area are the highest in the state.