Maren Morris says that while she's been pregnant, she has enjoyed indulging in ice cream and other foods she wouldn't indulge in normally. But she's missing being able to get a little wild with her girlfriends.

The "The Bones" singer recently visited with Taste of Country Nights and shared that she's eaten healthy, for the most, part during her pregnancy. She has indulged when she wants, she says, but also exercises regularly so she doesn't feel too bad about it.

"But yeah, I miss a good throw down night with my girls and just have some wine or some margs" Morris says, abbreviating margaritas. "I'm excited to get back to that part of me — but it's been nice to have a brief cleanse."

While some pregnant women crave unusual foods, Morris — who's expecting a son — says she's had a massive sweet tooth. That's not totally new, she admits, but it's amplified lately.

"Ice cream, cookies, just anything sweet," she shares, calling out salted caramel truffle Talenti gelato as her go-to. "Like I get dessert now every time we go out for dinner. It's, like, non-negotiable."

The baby boy will be the 29-year-old's first. She and husband Ryan Hurd have been pretty forthcoming on social media about their plans and excitement for little man's arrival. To start the interview, Morris admitted she's getting to that point where she's just done with it all, however, and while she can't wait to be a mom, she's also ready to take the handcuffs off her diet.

“I miss sushi a lot," she says. "Ryan jokes that he’s gonna bring a margarita to the delivery table. Once I deliver, I’ll still be on the table and he’s going to bring me a Bartaco margarita. I really miss those."

"The Bones" is Morris' second single from her 2019 Girl album.

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