Central New York volunteer firefighters worked together to save the life of a dog who was trapped in a fire.

Firefighters and ambulance personnel from Oriskany Falls and Madison both responded to a fire in the town of Eaton. When they arrived to fight the fire, they discovered a beagle trapped in the home.

Credit: Village of Madison Facebook Page
Credit: Village of Madison Facebook Page

Emergency personnel worked together quickly to save the dog, administering oxygen. As a result of their quick actions, the beagle survived and is now in the care of a veterinarian.

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The Village of Madison posted the story on their Facebook page, congratulating the firefighters and ambulance personnel. "Two of Madison's finest administered care to the rescued beagle, and we couldn't be prouder. Thanks to all who worked hard this morning to keep people - and canines - safe. We are so grateful for you, and all you do for our communities."

Another poster, Darlene Neff, says the next 24 hours are critical for the beagle and his recovery.


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