Why waste away the weekend playing video games at home when you can play with friends at a new bar coming to central New York.

Three Lives is an eSports, video game bar catering to modern and retro gamers. The new place to play in Armory Square in Syracuse will have retro arcade machines, complete with the old $.25 coin slots and modern LCD widescreens. "If retro isn’t your thing, rent an Xbox or PlayStation controller and play your favorite game at the bar," says owner Jon Page who came up with the bar name. "Normally your character starts any game with Three Lives, whether it be when you insert a coin or turn on a home console."

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Players can "power up" at the bar with craft beer and cocktails. There's even self-serve kiosks where you can order food. "We'll have custom sliders, hotdogs and super smash burgers cut to fit in King Hawaiian buns," says Page. "Vegetarian options will also be a must have."

Page plans on hosting viewing parties for live eSports events as well as having gaming tournaments. "We plan to create clubs with the respective tournaments for all of today’s most popular video games."

Three Lives is expected to be open on South Clinton Street in Syracuse sometime this Summer.

Game on!

Learn more at Three Lives Bar on Facebook.

Photo Credit - Google Maps
Photo Credit - Google Maps

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