We know somebody who wants to headline FrogFest 30. "We know somebody who IS headlining FrogFest," says LOCASH, who will take the stage Saturday, June 9th at the Utica/Rome Speedway to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust make up LOCASH, the new duo and duo of the year ACM nominees. "We are still on cloud nine," says Brust who explains being new doesn't mean being an overnight sensation. "It's all relative to the music being introduced to the crowds and the masses. We have been around for a long time. There's been years of journey for us. But coming out right now with 2 or 3 hits, we do seem fairly new to a lot of people." It's an honor the guys joke, could have been worse. "We'll take it. We could have been nominated for female vocalist of the year," Lucas laughs. "And it's way better than being best new/old duo."

LOCASH left the Cowboys behind in 2015 after dropping it from their name, something Brust says happened by accident. "We were on the bus one day just doodling, drawing new logos and ideas. I came up with that and it kind of felt like ZZ Top's logo. It's fresh and new but I hadn't put the Cowboys on it yet and Chris walked up and said 'leave it just like that.' So we turned it in and everyone thought we were changing our name. We weren't changing our name but we rolled with it. And that's when 'I Love This Live' came out and it just was the perfect timing."

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Just in time for FrogFest 30, LOCASH will be releasing a new album that includes their latest single 'Don't Get Better Than That'. "It looks like the new album is coming out around May," says Brust. "In the late Spring, early Summer."

Good music is just good music to LOCASH who likes to mix it up during their show. "We take people through a journey," says Brust. "We play all of our hits, some new music from the album, but we also like to dive into stuff we grew up on."

For FrogFest, June 9th the guys joke about what you can expect when they take the stage at the Utica/Rome Speedway. "It's one of the most boring shows you'll ever see. Bring your sleeping bags. We start real late. We sing about 2 songs and they're not ours. They're cover songs."

If our chat with LOCASH is any indication how FrogFest will go, we're in for a show. "You guys are definitely one of the favorite interviews we've ever had," says Lucas. "There's just something about frogs," laughs Brust.

We're looking to see if LOCASH will be one of our favorite FrogFest acts, June 9th at the Utica/Rome Speedway, presented by White's Farm Supply.

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