Utica natives Dave Dellecese and Andrew Cieslinski have teamed up to bring your idea of childhood holiday icons to a whole new level. Dave tells the story through words and Andrew through his artwork of the bar that all the holiday celebs go to unwind after a long day at work! To get their story out to the world, they need your help!

Dave and Andrew have decided to use a Kickstarter Campaign to help continue to make their dream comic come to life! They only need $4,400 and still have a ways to go. On their campaign page, they specify exactly what the money will be used for and what percentage goes to what aspect of the project.

Art by Andrew Cieslinski
Art by Andrew Cieslinski

Critics are raving about this Graphic Novel and those who enjoy this style of literature are sure to enjoy this series. Let's be honest there is no way Santa Claus, being thousands of years old, doesn't get the urge to throw a few back when he's had a rough Christmas or is dealing with Mrs. Claus! This comic offers a real PG-13 look into the lives of our favorite holiday characters from an adult "real world" point of view! So how did Dave come up with the idea for this project? According to his Kickstarter page,

It actually all started about 14 years ago. Holidaze was originally going to be a short film when I was studying screenwriting and filmmaking back in college. I was in New England driving in the car with a friend and frequent collaborator on film projects back then, watching snow fall around, and I just said “I want to make a Christmas Special. But it’s a comedy. For adults. Santa and Cupid, and the Easter Bunny and everybody hanging out at a bar when they’re not working.” The short film never came to fruition, but the basic idea for what it was supposed to be became the first issue of Holidaze more than a dozen years later.

He eventually ended up getting together with the very talented artist, Andrew Cieslinski, through mutual friends. The art on these pages compliments the gritty and entertaining story of these holiday icons perfectly and this match is one made in pagan holiday heaven!

If you would like to help fund this project you can visit their Kickstarter Campaign Page to donate. There are some great incentives involved in donating depending on how much you give.

Here's A Little Introduction/Preview of 'Holidaze'

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