Here in Central New York, we are no stranger to amazing art. Two local artists, Andrew Cieslinski and Dave Dellecese have launched a kickstarter to make their comic book "Lacey and Lily" become a reality.

Lacey & Lily is a comic book series with the story of a middle school girl named Lacey, and her dog, Lily. The pair discover a pair of costumes in her late grandmother's old trunk and while playing with them in the backyard discover they give them super powers. Lacey decides to use her power for good and help others: from stopping bullies, helping the elderly, or stopping a super-villain or alien invasion. Dave mentions that the book is truly about fun.

It's fun, it's adventure, it's family and through her actions in and out of costume, Lacey shows that it doesn't matter your age, your gender, your size, that anybody has the makings of a hero.

Currently the books are already available digitally via the Amazon Kindle and comiXology, but this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money for a large-scale print run of the first two issues of the series. You can donate through August 5th.




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