Hitting a turkey really isn't all that uncommon in New York after all. Hitting a bear? How many can say that?

A story about a turkey flying into a Utica area couple's windshield led to several people sharing similar experiences on social media. Who knew it was that common? It also led to one man who ran into a bear.

Joel Chrisman of Little Falls was in the Cooperstown area visiting his stepdaughter who was in labor. On his trip home he hit a bear with his car.

Credit - Joel Chrisman

'Luckily Joel wasn't injured in the accident. The front end of his vehicle took most of the impact and looks like it'll need a lot of work to repair. As for the bear? "I don't know if the bear was hurt," Joel said. "It ran off."

Credit - Joel Chrisman

Bear Tears Apart Car in Adirondacks

'Tis the season for bears. Although it's not common to hit one with your car, it is common to have them IN your car, especially if there's food inside. Frank and Lexi Smith of Lee Center, New York found out the hard way when a bear broke into their car and tore it apart in the Adirondacks.

Credit - Lexi Smith

Smith says the bear went through the Old Forge Camping Ground, opening several cars before getting to their vehicle. "It started hopping on the hood, triggering the car All heck broke loose because the bear was locked inside while its babies were outside alarm and angering the bear. When the alarm goes off, the car locks and unlocks and the bear got inside. We were parked on an incline and the door shut behind the bear, locking him inside."

When the bear couldn't get out Smith says that's when "all heck broke loose because the bear was locked inside while its babies were outside."

Where are the bears in New York state?

50-60% inhabit the Adirondack region
30-35% inhabit the Catskill region
10-15% inhabit the Central-Western region.
Bears are now well established in many other areas, including the Tug Hill, Hudson Valley, and across the Southern Tier.

Hungry bears will eat almost anything. Kayla Marris had a bear visit her site and eat a citronella candle. "He ate the whole thing off the picnic table and left an empty can."

Photo Credit - Kayla Marris

Jerry Sevey had a visitor at his campsite too.

Photo Credit - Jerry Sevey

The bears don't just come out at night either. Karl Stacer had one sit on his picnic table during the day.

Photo Credit - Karl Stacer

Heidi Moon caught one roaming near her campsite. "It walked right behind my husband."

Photo Credit - Heidi Moon

Diana Golden captured this massive bear at her camp in the Adirondacks.

Photo Credit - Diana Golden

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