Hitting a deer with your vehicle is not unusual in Central New York. Hitting a turkey is another story.

A New York Mills couple miraculously escaped serious injury after a turkey flew into the windshield of their vehicle.

Rick and Laura Fryc of New York Mills were on Route 41 on their way to Afton, New York for a birthday party. About 8 miles from their destination, they passed a turkey farm. "I looked up when I heard Rick say turkey and saw it heading right for our vehicle," Laura said.

Credit - Laura Fryc
Credit - Laura Fryc

The turkey flew into the windshield, shattering the glass and spraying it everywhere. "I ended up picking glass out of my hair and hands," said Laura, who somehow wasn't injured. "I was shaking for a few hours."

The turkey wasn't so lucky. "The turkey splattered everywhere."

Credit - Laura Fryc
Credit - Laura Fryc

Rick managed to limp the vehicle for the last 8 miles. "We did drive it to our destination," Laura said. "It just took a bit. We had to leave the Jeep and camper we were towing there, but thank goodness for my son’s boyfriend’s family. They let us take their car to get back home.

Deer Jumps Through Car Window

Roger Johnston of Rome, New York, and was traveling to Old Forge to take some nature pictures of deer. He was on Route 28 near Forestport when out of nowhere a doe leaped into the road. It miraculously made one jump and went through both windows of the back doors on Roger's vehicle.

Deer Jumps Through Rear Windows of Car
Roger Johnston/Captured Momentz Photography

A traumatic experience, but the alternatives are even more frightening. Two feet sooner and the deer hits the front window, or what if she doesn't make it through the 2nd window and was trapped in the car?

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