The latest email scam has you working for Wal Mart. Ever wonder who believes these things? This one has you working as an undercover shopper to evaluate the customer service when using Wal Mart's transfer service. The tricky part is Pinecone Research is a legitimate company.

PineCone Research Email

This scam is back after apparently taking a couple of years off. It surfaced in 2013 as a mystery shopping service evolved into a test of Western Union transfers and is back with the Wal Mart twist. Here's how it works.

You agree to participate in the survey and receive a check in the mail. Instructions have you cashing or depositing the check, using the money to test the services and forwarding the balance of unused funds back to the company. Obviously, the check will bounce after you've sent the unused funds back.

Imagine how well this scam works when transferring money through Western Union. The real Pinecone Research even has warnings about the scam on their website, including another one involving FaceBook. More information is also available at Survey Police's website.


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