Bitcoin has been in the headlines as one of the world's fastest growing digital currency. With it's growth, comes a lot of scammers. The Utica Police Department is warning Central New Yorker's of an email phishing scam.

The UPD posted the news on Facebook about an email scam attempting to extort victims for the purchase of Bitcoin:

The victim receives an email from an unknown sender threatening to release compromising or pornographic photos and videos if the victim does not follow a link and deposit a specific amount of money for the purchase of Bitcoin.

UPD mentions that the email continues to threaten the victim that they have a specified amount of time to do so, and/or if they contact the authorities the photos will be released.

Please be mindful of these emails and never click a link and deposit money to an unknown source."

If you feel this is an email you have received locally, contact The Utica Police Department. You can call them any time at  (315) 735-3301, visit them online, or contact them through Facebook.

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The Balance has several Bitcoin scams that affect many on a daily basis. Their advice is simple: "Stay alert for potential fraudsters and trust your instincts. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

The most common scams associated for hackers to get Bitcoin are as followed: Phishing, Fake exchanges and wallets, Old-school scams, Fraudulent ICOs, Ponzi or pyramid schemes, Malware, Mining scams, and Pump and dumps. You can read all about them from

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