If you subscribe to Netflix, there is a new scam targeting users that you need to be cautious of.

Several news outlets including Deadline.com are reporting that over 100 million Netflix users have been targeted in the scam that was just discovered on Monday., November 6th.

The scam is in the form of an email that looks convincingly like it is from Netflix, but says that your account is in danger of being cancelled. It then takes you to a link to a fake Netflix page that asks for your account name, password and credit card number.

The email has the subject line: "Your suspension notification," and the fake Netflix page it redirects you to even has Netflix's logo and advertisements for some of the streaming giant's most popular shows.

Here's the rest of what the email says:

Hi *name*

We were unable to validate your billing information for the next billing cycle of your subscription therefore we'll suspend your membership if we do not receive a response from you within 48 hours.

Obviously we'd love to have you back, simply click restart your membership to update your details and continue to enjoy all the best TV shows and movies without interruption.

After that there's even a link to a 'help center,' and a 'contact' link too.

If you have a Netflix account, please don't fall for this scam. Netflix isn't going to send you a link to update your account information. They always ask you to log into your actual account to do that.

Keep your information safe in the wild west that is the Internet in 2017.


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