Two Rome boys have their stolen motorbike back thanks to a good Samaritan.

The dirt bike was taken from Tammy Britten's home sometime between August 14th and August 15th. She turned to Facebook, pleading for the return of her boy's bike. “My sons are very upset and want their bike back. I am so very sad to see my boys cry over it.”

Nick Coonrod reached out to Britten after his nephews saw a bike in the woods near the walking trail in Rome. "I immediately drove there and saw someone with a flashlight," says Britten. "We looked for 25 minutes and just before we gave up because it was so dark Nick came across it."

Britten's boys are happy to have their dirt bike back even though it's missing all the stickers. She says she's planning to install surveillance cameras so this does not happen again. "I give thanks to all who shared to help and I appreciate it."

Nick was given a $100 reward for helping reunite the dirt bike with it's very happy owners.

Tammy Britten
Tammy Britten


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