The insensitive bonehead that stole Halloween decorations set up in memory of a lost child in Syracuse has had a change of heart.

Heather Morse had a giant Grim Reaper and light projector stolen earlier this week from a display she set up in honor of her daughter. "We always decorate for all the holidays. This year I didn’t plan to after our daughter Alora Ann passed away July 1st with medical issues.” Morse says she changed her mind to remember her daughter. “I decided as much as Alora Ann loves holidays and decorations it was the right thing to do.”

Morse posted the theft on Facebook, asking the decorations be returned, no questions asked. And believe it or not, someone listened.

"My daughter left to catch the bus and it was in the front yard," says Morse. "It's defiantly mine because the leg stand was broken. It was left it by the dragon in our yard."

Who knew? A thief with a heart.

Heather Morse
Heather Morse


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