If you or your kids own a PlayStation 4 and you're not interested in shelling out $300 for a new one anytime soon, here's how to avoid a new virus that could shut your system down.

According to several sources, including Fortune.com, PlayStation 4 users across the world have been reporting that a message containing a virus has been attacking consoles causing them to crash, and in some cases become completely useless.

Advice from PlayStation Support says that deleting the message through the mobile app, and then rebooting in safe mode should do the trick, but some users say that isn't helping.

The best bet is to change the message settings on your PlayStation 4 console, here's how:

  1. go to 'Settings' on the main PS4 menu
  2. go to 'Account Management'
  3. go to 'Privacy Settings'
  4. go to 'Personal Info/Messaging'
  5. go to 'Messages'
  6. change setting to 'Friends Only' or 'No One' to make sure strangers can't message you.

This will keep it so nobody can send you any messages, especially messages with viruses attached.

If you're worried about not getting messages, you(or your kids) can always just text message your friends.

*Note for parents*

Changing the message settings to 'No One' will also keep your kids from getting into vulgar exchanges with strangers on the Internet.

Remember, these consoles sell for $300 easy. The last thing you want to do is have to shell out another $300.

Change your message settings and delete any messages you have(without opening them) from strangers, and this should keep your PlayStation 4 safe.

Now you can save your money for the just announced PlayStation 5!



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