Looking for a pretty easy way to lose weight? Just play video games. Researchers have developed an online video game that they claim can help help you lose weight as little as a week of playing it.

Researchers from the University of Exeter and Cardiff University have developed a video game that trains brains to make unhealthy foods unappealing. How does it work?

Players must avoid images of unhealthy foods - such as cookies - and instead choose images of healthier items in order to win the game. According to the researcher, this trains people to crave unhealthy and calorie-dense foods less."

It makes players crave the junk food less considering the healthy food helps them win. The game was tested on 41 participants over the course of one week. When the experiment was over, the scientists found that the participants consumed 220 calories less a day while playing the game.

People also reported "liking" snack foods less after participating."

Where can we play? You can play an altered version of the game on the Food Training website by clicking here.



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