If you or your children love playing new video games, but you hate shelling out $60 for each new title, Gamestop is here to help.

Gamestop - the video game retail giant - is set to launch Gamestop Power Pass.

The 'Power Pass' works similar to other subscription services like Netflix, but obviously it's for gamers.

Here's how it works:

Instead of paying that $60 for every new title, you'll pay $60 to rent an unlimited amount of pre-owned games for six months.

That's the only catch really, it has to be pre-owned games. But don't worry because I have bought quite a few pre-owned games and Gamestop really makes sure they're in perfect condition.

Gamestop also has a great return rate. You'll see games traded back as quickly as the same day they are released, so you'll have the chance to play the hot new titles without buying them.

The service only allows one game to be rented at a time, but at the end of your subscription period you get to choose one of the games you've rented to keep!

A Gamestop 'PowerUp Rewards' membership is all you need to start your subscription once it becomes available, and that should be by November 19.

Just to be sure, we called all of the Gamestop locations in Central New York and yes, they are all participating in the 'Power Pass' program.

For more information visit Gamestop.com.


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