If you like Guitar Hero and Carrie Underwood, then you'll love the new 'Guitar Hero Live!' Activision is the company that has developed all of the previous 'Guitar Hero' games and they're back for this one. This "Live" concept is unlike anything else on the market!

According to EW.com,

Developed by FreeStyle Games, the makers of DJ HeroLive allows fans to play from the first-person view of a musician on stage, with live bandmates and audience members on screen reacting to how you play. The game also includes the GHTV mode, which allows players to rock along to the music videos of songs in an updated collection of tracks, playing with or against other rockers.

This is perfect! You can compete against your friends from anywhere and see who sings Carrie the best! We will see if any more country artists are announced in the upcoming months. The release date for 'Guitar Hero Live' is set for some time this fall!

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