UPDATE: Hospital management was made aware of the incident involving a worker caught picking their nose and quickly took action. An investigation uncovered the person responsible was a student worker and not an employee of the hospital and they were let go.

Is there anything worse than having your tonsils out? Seeing a hospital employee put their hands somewhere disgusting before your surgery may top the list.

Our daughter Shayna finally got approval from her military insurance to have the surgery after months of problems with her tonsils. But as we were in the holding room we noticed someone, who looked like a nurse, pick their nose. If that wasn't bad enough, he ATE IT!

The worker was standing on the other side of the glass, wearing a hair net, looking ready to go into surgery. Did he not realize the glass was see through? I'm sure everyone in the holding room saw what he did and there was 2 other patients with us.


Luckily the worker was NOT on Shayna's surgical team. If he was I would have asked him to wash his hands, or at least wear gloves.

Other than that one moment in the holding room, I will say our stay at the hospital was an enjoyable one, despite the circumstances, surrounded by an extremely, friendly staff.


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