Winter officially begins December 21st but you wouldn't know it if you were in one upstate New York town that has over 100 inches of snow already this season.

Redfield, New York has the title of the town with the most snow in New York state at 101.5 inches as of December 18th according to Carol Yerdon a National Weather Service Weather Observer. Less than a week ago, there was only 76.8 inches of snow.

Last Winter ended with 351.1 inches of snow, well short of the 424.5 inch record set in 96/97. Yerdon says she hopes they set a new record this Winter.

Copenhagen, New York is the second snowiest place in the state. But they only have 74.1 inches, well behind Redfield where more than 17 inches fell in one night. Syracuse has only seen about 22 inches this year so far.

New York has actually seen below average snowfall this year, according to the Weather Channel. Don't tell that to the folks in Redfield.

Carol Yerdon
Carol Yerdon


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