One of our staff members here at Big Frog 104 needs your help. Her sisters wedding dress has gone missing, we need your help finding it!

Paige Cummings is our Digital Sales Manager here at Townsquare Media in Utica. Here's what she wrote on Facebook:

My sister Carlene just found out her wedding dress was not sent to be preserved from a bridal shop in Binghamton. It was "accidentally" sent to the Salvation Army - 2 months ago! She is devastated, understandably so. Please if anyone has seen this dress pictured here, please please please let me know! It was customized with Kelly Green because it was an Irish themed wedding.  If you could share this post so more people see it that would be awesome and appreciated. I told her I would help and post these photos."

Here's a look at the dresses:

If you have any information, email Paige at




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