Just because someone has a disability, you should never ever underestimate their abilities. John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, turned his love of colorful and fun socks into a multi million dollar empire out of New York.

So how was the idea of John's Crazy Socks born? John wanted to start a company with his Dad Mark. The idea was to launch a fun store. However, the pair really couldn't figure out what a fun store was. So the next idea was to launch a food truck. John and his father saw a movie with a father and son running a food truck. The only problem with the food truck business was that John and his dad both can't cook. So the only business that made sense was socks. John always loved fun and crazy socks, and it always brought a smile to his face. So in order to spread happiness and joy to others, John's Crazy Socks was born.

For John’s Crazy Socks to be a success it's all about the focus: the socks:

We seek those socks that will make a difference, that will make you smile or laugh, that will tug at your heart, that will add some zest to your life. We are all about socks that will matter to you, that you will love and cherish."

John's Crazy Socks is all about love and happiness. They also give back. They give 5 percent of profits to the Special Olympics. John is a long-time Special Olympics athlete who has benefited greatly from the program. Also, you can purchase from unique charity socks and donate to one of John's Crazy Socks charity partners.

Currently the company offers over 1,200 socks so that you can find the perfect socks for you or to give as a gift. They have all sorts of designs and patterns for men and women. One amazing perk of ordering these socks is that they ship same day so most customers get their orders within two days. John also makes it super personal with a thank you note and candy.

We're a business started by a man with Down syndrome. We hire people with disabilities. We do all we can for our customers. We believe that doing the right thing is the best business."

John's Crazy Socks proves that nothing will set you back in this life from making people happy, and being extremely successful. Reach for the stars always, and you too, will find success and happiness.



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