When you think of fashion, do you think Utica? MSN created a list of the least stylish cities in America, and Utica made the list for lack of fashion.

MSN used data scientists at Trulia and Yelp to help objectively track down the least stylish city in every state. Here's what they looked for:

Trulia's data scientists looked at the number of fashion businesses in a given metro in proportion to its size and population, according to information provided by Yelp, and factored in the number of real estate listings in each metro that mentioned fashion amenities like walk-in closets. They then combined and weighed these factors to rank all 935 metros in the US in order of most to least fashionable."

So Utica ranked on this list due to data. It ranked number 32, out of 50 it seems:

Utica, New York, used to be a bustling city, but now it doesn't have the best shopping options. However, there is a shopping mall a 10-minute drive away in the nearby town of New Hartford."

I find it hard to believe that Sangertown is that far from Utica. This story had me puzzled on that. Also, we are STILL a bustling city.

This study didn't look at Etsy shops that sell Utica products, or smaller clothing options.



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