Meet 75-year-old Rosa Ferrigno. She has been making a skirt from 140 bags and a coordinating jacket from 170 bags.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports this Wegmans project started in November:

Ferrigno cut the bags into strips and tied them together to make longer, yarn-like strips and knitted those into the suit. The job required gigantic knitting needles that don’t exist in the retail world, so she made those, too, by whittling — yes, whittling — points at the ends of wooden dowels bought at a Michaels store. A bargain at 80 cents each, she says.

The suit itself — which you’d swear was made of yarn if you didn’t touch it — would have been a lot pricier if someone had paid Ferrigno an hourly wage to make it. It took her two months (not continuously, but total), from that first stitch to lining both pieces with sheer brown cotton fabric."

She didn’t use a pattern and she just eyeballed it. Check out the amazing photos.

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