Are your kids too busy texting and playing video games to sit down to play a board game like "Monopoly"? The people at game-maker Hasbro get it and have released what is called a "snackable" version of their long time board game favorite and are calling it "Monopoly Empire". What do they mean by "snackable"?

The Week, quoting a Wall Street Journal article, reports that the idea of "snackable" games is all about saving time.

Monopoly Empire has erased the game's signature jail in the hopes of cutting the playing time down to 30 minutes. Not only that, but Monopoly Empire will cut out properties all together. Instead, players will purchase brands like Coca-Cola and McDonald's.
via Young people are ruining Monopoly - The Week.

Hasbro is also releasing "snackable" versions of "Scrabble", which can be played in two minutes, thirty seconds, and "Boggle". So if you are a traditionalist who is still steaming over having the iron game piece replaced by a cat be prepared to have your kids or grandkids ask you to play a quick game of "Monopoly Empire" before dinner.



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